2013 Taiwan Lantern Banner
The information of 2013 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Hsinchu County in both Chinese English can be found on Hsinchu County Government website starting from Oct. 01, 2012. Print

2013 Taiwan Lantern Festival will be held in Hsinchu County. Main subject will be "animation, technology, and culture", which represent Hsinchu County's local cultural characteristics. Hsinchu County Government also creates a website for "2013 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Hsinchu County" through multi-media and video streaming as well as social network activities.

Photos and videos can be viewed through streaming multi-media on website easily. In addition, Hsinchu County Government will broadcast 2013 Lantern Festival's opening and closing ceremonies via video streaming to global audience. 2013 Lantern Festival will bring a new kind of light and shadow show to the audience. It uses a mixture of light and shadow movement and different rhythm to generate the sense of speed, which generates a brand new visual treat to all visitors and is quite different from traditional lantern exhibition.

Hsinchu County Government plans to promote this lantern festival through a series of activities on Facebook, such as "Who is Lantern Festival Representative?" , "SHE fans activity", "Photo & Video Contests"...etc. People can also learn the cultural meaning of this lantern festival through the website. We welcome everyone to visit the following websites:

Contact person for above news–ChungYao Wang–staff

HuiHong Sheng–section chief

General Development Department

Hsinchu County Government

Tel.#03-5518101 ext.3750...

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